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For more than ten years, we have been focusing on the pet traction industry and sticking to the road of caring for pets outdoors.
We QQPETS hope to provide more pets with the guarantee of safe travel, and hope that people's and pets' lives will become better because of us! 

I dream of the day, QQPETS is evaluated as a great company and a great brand when it is mentioned by people.

QQPETS brings yearning for a better life to employees, also brings more and more value and wealth to our clients!

The pursuit of this dream carries the real value of my life.

I dream of the day, QQPETS products can be used by all pets in the world.

Leads and other pet supplies are no longer tools to bind pets, they can bring more civilization, happiness and touching!

They can shorten the distance between people and pets, it is a symbol of civilization, but also the tie of humans and Pets and life. 

I dream of the day, in the fierce business competition, we are still full of passion to pursue dreams and keep the piety of dreams, taking clients priority as the ultimate mission and always creating value for clients! We can always work happily and live earnestly.

Entrench ourselves in the pet traction industry, we are committed to building the champion brand in this industry.

QQPETS is willing to grow with you.

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Guangzhou QQPETS Pet Products Co., Ltd., located in Guangzhou city, Guangdong province,was established in 2005. As a well-known manufacturer with profound expertise and experience in China,is specialized in all kinds of pet collars and leashes,pet harnesses,dog collars,dog leashes, dog harness,cat collars and leashes designing,production and sale.
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